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Online Time

To acquire your time on line use the following address in the address bar of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Simply copy the address below and fill in the username with your username.

For example, if your e-mail address is your username would be jessica and that is what should be used in place of USERNAME in the address below. (See example below).

For the current month go to
For the previous month go to

Add Websites To Your Favorites List

To add websites to your favorites list simply go to the website that you want to return to in the future and click on the favorites menu (see example above), select Add to Favorites. When you get into the Add Favorites box type the websites name or keep the default name for the site.

Returning to this site in the future will be easy, just by clicking on the favorites menu and selecting the website name you listed above.

Local Access Numbers

We have one local access numbers for our service. Our local access number is 682-7460. This number supports high speed modems, but you only receive the 56 max speed.